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Oral History Project

What is oral history? The Oral History Association defines it as follows: "Oral history is the preservation, through recorded interviews, of first-hand accounts from participants in important political, cultural and social developments. It is both the oldest type of historical inquiry (predating the written word) and one of the most modern - conducted with tape recorders since the 1940s."

The Barnett Historic Foundation is conducting an oral history program to complement the written historical records. Tapes and transcripts of the interviews will be included in the donation of records to the Florida State Archives. With the exception of the William R. Barnett interview (conducted by Russell S. Hoadley) and the Warren Henderson interview (conducted by Allen L. Lastinger, Jr.), all interviews have been conducted by David J. Ginzl. To date, the following interviews have been completed:


William H. Adams, III
Rebecca S. Allen
Carlos J. Arboleya
Edward L. "Ted" Baker
William B. "Bill" Barnett
William R. Barnett
R.David Barnett
F. Elgin Bayless, Jr.
Judith S. Beaubouef
E. Dixie Beggs, Jr.
Benjamin C. Bishop, Jr.
Raphael T. "Ted" Brauch
Richard C. Brewer, Jr.
John T. Cannon, III
Marsha Cantrell
Jack H. Chambers
Lee H. Chaplin, Jr.
Andrew B. Cheney
Charles E. Commander, III
Catherine Cosby
Marshall M. Criser, Jr.
Charles K. "Pete" Cross
Sam A. Davis, II
Roseann Duran
Albert D. Ernest, Jr.
William M. Fackler
Edith Botts Fawsett (Guy Botts's daughter)
Douglas K. Freeman
John M. Godfrey
Carter H. Golembe
Jeffrey K. Graf
James R. Griffiths
Lee E. Hanna
Stephen A. Hansel
Robert A. Hawkins
James A. Head
Warren Henderson
Hugh H. Jones, Jr.
Richard H. Jones
Warren Jones
Richard D. Jordan
Roland S. Kennedy
Roland S. Kennedy
Paul T. Kerins
Nancy J. Kesler
Steven A. and Helen P. LaMore (jointly)
Allen L. Lastinger, Jr.
Fred L. McCord
Richard G. McCroskey
Allan L. McLeod, Jr.
C. Murray McQuaid
C. Carl Mertins, Jr.
Andrea P. Mims
James F. Mondello
William R. Myers
Charles W. Newman
Hinton F. Nobles, Jr.
Samuel Northrop, Jr.
Charles E. Rice
Don D. Roberts
Frederick H. Schultz
James K. Slater
Lynda O. Smith
George A. Snelling
David M. Strickland
R. Michael Strickland
Richard E. Swartley
Michael A. Walters
Yvonne West (Bion Barnett's granddaughter)
William B. Williams
Thomas H. Yochum
Russell S. Hoadley
Tom N. Humphress
James H. Winston